Born 1969. Lives and works in New York City.
2002  MFA  Hunter College, New York 
2001  Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, The Netherlands
1998  BFA Painting, Parson School of Design, New York
2011  Three Fold, Benrimon Contemporary, New York
          Untitled, Sun Contemporay, Seoul 
2010  Untitled, Galerie Charlotte Moser, Geneve              
          One Way Only, Galeria Marta Cervera, Madrid
2009  Untitled, Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris             
          Seventh Seven, Massimo Audiello, New York 
2008  Untitled Sun Contemporary, Seoul
2007  Untitled, Galerie Baronian-Francey,Brussels 
2006  Back and Forth, Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris
          Untitled, Massimo Audiello, New York
2005  Untitled, Galeria Marta Cervera, Madrid
          Untitled, Galerie Baronian-Francey, Brussels
2004  Untitled, Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris             
          Untitled, Massimo Audiello, New York 
2003  Untitled, Galeria Marta Cervera, Madrid 
2002  Untitled, Massimo Audiello, New York 
2017    Dual Current: Inseparable Elements in Painting and Architecture
            Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2015  The Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Foundation Grant Exhibition
          Hofmann Gallery PAAM, Provincetown 
2014  Shades of Time, Korean Cultural Service/Queens Museum of Art, New York
2014  TEN, Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York
2012  Operating System, Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery, New York           
          Between Forms, Yace Gallery, Long Island City
2011  Children of Grid, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Queens
          Quite Places, .... in a Bronx Venue, Bronx Art Space, Bronx
2010  Doug Ohlson…, Andre Zarre Gallery, New York              
         Continuing Color Abstraction, The Painting Center, New York
2009  Nothing is permanent. Albert Baronian, Profession : galeriste Central Electrique/
          European Center for Contemporary Art, Brussels                
          Forever Summer, Denise Bibro, New York                
          It is a Wonderful life,  Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn
2008  0809 Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul              
2007  0708 Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul           
          First Melody, Galerie Gebr. Lehmann-Dresden, Dresden
          Breaking the White Light, Denise Bibro, New York 
          Dialogue Pictural, Galerie Charlotte Moser, Geneva 
2006  Presentational Painting III, Hunter College/Times Square Gallery, New York 
          One of these things is not like the Other, Angela Hanley Gallery, Los Angeles
          Art Under Glass, the Synergy of Art and Fahion, curated by  Gabrielle Bryers
          Macy’s 34 Street window, Macy’s Herald Square, New York               
2004  The International Exchange Exhibition, Hunter College, New York
          Surface Tension curated by Manon Slome, Chelsea Art Museum, New York
2003  Makeover, Massimo Audiello, New York
          Signs, Lines and Codes, Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris
2003  Resistance is Futile curated by David Hunt, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas
2006  City Mouse / Country Mouse, Space 101, Brooklyn

2017  Alphabet
          Jason J. Kim Dental Aesthetics, Port Washington, New York
2009    French National Collection
2008    Korean National Collection
2015  Smack Mellon Hot Picks
2014  The Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Foundation Grant
2002  Estelle Levy Award